Patton memorial Pilsen

!!!!!!! ATTENTION !!!!!!!

PATTON MEMORIAL PILSEN is closed due to the reconstruction since May, 10th 2018.

!!!!!!! ATTENTION !!!!!!!

The opening ceremony for the Patton Memorial Pilsen was held on May 5, 2005, on the  60th anniversary of the US Army´s liberation of Pilsen and southwestern Bohemia. This permanent exhibition is a lasting memorial to this historical event at the twilight of World War II.

The exhibition historically maps the progression and residence of the United States Army in the former Czechoslovakia in 1945; it then maps the post-war economic aid provided by UNRA to our country and the period of the totalitarian regime from 1948 – 1989. The largest exhibition area is formed of period equipment and ammunition of members of the army and many items used daily by soldiers. The exhibits come from private collections.



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